Bedroom Brew #2

Once again we brew in my room, this time we end up with 250 bottles. This is the beginning of M.B. (MalcolmsBasement) proposal # 003, Batch A. 

 For those looking for the basic brewing instructions check out the post: How to Brew Beer.

As per usual we start by sanitizing all equipment, this time we used Iodophor as a sanitizer, – unlike the pink chlorine based sanitizer (Sani-Bright), the Iodophor is not used as a cleaner as well.

This is what happens when you forget how to use a can opener.
Here are all 5 carboys, we made a 1) Nut brown ale, 2) English Bitter, 3)IPA, 4) Generic Ale  5) Lager.
 Around 250 bottles latter.
Total Cost
 In time: -It took around 4hours for us to make the wart, set up the carboys, and add the yeast.
 -It took around 7 hours to bottle them, including sanitizing bottles and doing the clean up of the carboys. 
Each time there was about 4 of us.
In $$$: – The entire cost of the beer kits, sugar, and liquid malt extract was about 100$ which works out to about 20$ per batch. Then you need to add the cost of the sanitizer and bottle caps used which would work out to about 10$ -Assuming you got all your bottles for Free.
This works out to around $0.44/ beer. – This is the average since one of the batches cost around $17 while another cost around $24.
Time wise… well 11hours x 3 people= 33hours –>
33h/250beer. Which works out to around 11min/beer.
That being said, we are trying to get the time down to 1min/beer. The $ should stay the same.

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