Budweiser Sucks – Blind Commercial Beer Tasting


Normally we do beer tastings with quality craft beer, I mean, who wouldn’t. Commercial beers sucks and all taste the same right? Well, last week we put that to the test, here are the results.

How it worked

mystery beers

We selected the 12 following beers:

  • Grolsch De-Alcoholized
  • Kokanee
  • Heineken
  • Islander Lager  (Local)
  • Budweiser – King of Beers!
  • Tree Pilsner ( Craft)
  • Molson De-Alcoholized
  • Cariboo (Budweiser)
  • Carlsberg
  • Molson Canadian
  • Pacific Pilsner (BC)
  • Sopporo

For those not from BC, Islander Lager is made by Vancouver Island Brewery – Victoria BC; Cariboo is made by Cariboo Brewing; Pacific Pilsner is made by Pacific Western Brewing – Prince George, BC. All three are basically commercial style lagers.

We covered each one up with constructions paper, and when it came time to pour, one person from the group poured 4oz servings in the other room and brought them out. As for rating ? Completely subjective, and no sort of uniform guide-lines were followed. For this reason, we can’t really give you a score for each beer, but how they stacked up.


  1.  Pacific Pilsner
  2. Tree Pilsner
  3. Kokanne


  1.  Heineken


  1. De-Alcoholized Beers
  2. Budweiser
  3. Islander Lager

Best Guessed:

  1. De-Alcoholized (100%)
  2. Heineken
  3. Canadian (75%)
  4. Tree Pilsner
  5. Sopporo

Worst Gueesed (0%) :

  1. Pacific Pilsner
  2. Islander Lager
  3. Carlsberg

Notes on the Guesses

It’s no surprise that everyone was able to identify the de-alcoholized beer; in fact, I originally didn’t put de-alcoholized beers on the guess list but they were guessed anyways…  The 75% guess rate for Canadian was unexpected considering most of us can’t remember having ever tried Canadian.

To explain the worst guessed beers, it’s simple: We didn’t expect Pacific Pilsner to be so good, and Islander Lager to be so awefull.

Final Notes :

Don’t ever get Budweiser.
Vancouver Island Brewery is only good at making craft beer.
Milton was right, Pacific Pilsner is the best.
Budweiser is awefull.

12 commercial beers


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  1. wow i am so tired of people picking apart the larger brewers. I would like people to go and attend brewery tours at local and larger breweries. What surprised me was quaity ingredients and clenliness as well I would like to mention that the brewmasters at the craft breweres were quick to start picking apart the larger breweries while the nbrewmasters at larger breweries discussed things like, where ingredients come from, the different styles of brews and what makes them different, quality and checks that happen in a nut shell they were happy to agree that there are alot of good beers out there and i came away with more beer/brewing knowledge ad didnt feel like i the larger guys were crappy and that i had to pick sides. people should not be so closed minded.

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