Degu are small rodents native to the western slopes of the Andes in South America. And we got two of them on January 15th, 2015.

Two Females 6-8 Weeks old from Pets West in Broadmead Village, Victoria, BC. The breeder is in Vancouver.

Ash and PepperDegu Eating

Cage Construction

From the advice from a couple other web sites on Degus, we opted to build our own cage. Check out which is where we found all the information we needed.

Degu Cage complete Degu Cage Unbuilt



5/8″ plywood, Pine boards, 5/8″ screws, 1-1/4″ screws, 1″ L brackets, Elmers Glue & Construction Mesh. That’s basically all it takes to build a cage. The pine on the edge of each floor keeps the beding on the floor, as well as preventing the degu from chewing on the plywood floors (contains potentially harmful glues). We were able to attach the mesh on the windows with a staple gun, and cover the window edges with wooden frames using nails. The top and bottom were glued into place (used an epoxy) and the doors just pop into place.




Top Floor


Second Floor


Bottom Floor


Our cage was originally designed for 3 degu, but due to the difficulty in finding degu, we ended up getting 2.


The following are approximations of building materials:

Plywood: 60$
Glass Doors: $35
Kiln-Dried Pine: $20 ( Acquired for Free)
Construction Mesh: $6
Acrylic plastic: $7
Sliding Door Hardwar & Screws: $20

Total Cost:  approx $150
Time:   5h

Furnishing Cage

We are constantly adding new things to the cage including a wooden hut, coconut shells, cotton and hemp rope, wicker chair, and a twig/grass tunnel. We found a bunch of stuff from a bird toy site.

Running Wheel

The Running Degu WheelWheel was constructed using an old 12″ aluminum pot from value village. The pot was cut down and a hole cut in the middle for a bolt to run though. We used an old roller blade wheel and bearings screwed onto the back wall of the cage which allowed the bolt and the running wheel to spin freely.
We have had to put a block underneath the wheel at night, else Ash would run all night long.


Phase 2 Construction

When time allows, we will be adding a 3rd partial floor to the cage, as well as a digging pit underneath.







Weighing Pepper at around 10 weeks old : 147g

For More Information on Degus:

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