So me and Marco’s first DJ gig EVER!

It was for Royal Oak Middle school, for about 150 grad grade 8’s, in the Gym. 

For the most part, I did lighting and dealt  with the equipment rentals and techie stuff. Marco for the most part, did the mixing.
We rented around 105$ of equipment from L&M and the rest we owned, it can be split up between Lighting and Sound.


  • 2x Nx55p by Yorkville – this was a pair of 550W  active 12″/1″ speakers. 
  • 2x Ls700p by Yorkville – a pair of 700W Active subwoofers.
  •  I-mix reloaded MK2 by DJ-Tech – a dj controller/ sound-card combo which we bought online for a little over 400$
  • Eurorack MX2004A by Behringer – a 20 channel live mixer.
  • DJX700 by Behringer – a 4 channel +mic dj mixer which we used purely for attaching the microphone ( not sure why we didn’t just plug it into the 20 channel mixer…. something about wanting to lug around more equipment than we need to….)
  • Macbook with Tractor.

The PA system was rented for $50(plus tax)for one night. Not that bad considering the system new would cost around 3000$.  The MK2 controller/soundcard was attached into the 20 channel mixer because the controller only has unbalanced outputs, and wouldn’t amp it nearly enough.


  •  4 L.E.D par cans ( 2 ADJ 2 Chauvet…nearly identical) 
  • Chauvet Elan 
  • Galaxian laser by ADJ
  • Firework type laser (exactly the same as Galaxian but no DMX) 
  • Starball L.E.D by ADJ – This light was really great and while i rented it for this gig, i will most certainly be looking in to buying 2 of them. They are cheap light small and have really sharp beams.
  • Revo Role by ADJ – Cool light but with the Elan…. probably didn’t need it.
  • L.E.D. H2O by ADJ- Cool concept but found that the spread was really small and just not nearly as visually exciting as the other light.
  • Mega strobe 2 by Chauvet – As far as Strobe lights go, this 750W one DESTROYS !
  • Hurricane 1050 by Chauvet – 1000W fogger, I think I got this for $110 and I strongly recommend it.
  • 400W fogger i got from Save On Foods…
  • 2x 48″ 40 W black lights. 

Of that equipment, the Revo role, Galaxian, 2Pars, Starball, and H2O were rented. If I was to do this gig again, I would most certainly restrain from renting the H2O and Revo role. They simply were not needed. I would of though, if another was available, rented a second Starball(only $4 to rent).

Controlling the lights: I used my chauvet DMX controller for all the lights, the lights that were not DMX i had a DMX 4 Channel dimming/relay pack which allowed be to simply turn non dmx lights on and off. I will Explain the Whole DMX thing in a future post.

 Overall, the gig went very very well, it sounds like we should be getting many more gigs after this one….. and one more thing…. grade 8’s really really really like Beibe.

Here is a Video of the night.