intuitCantDoMathSimply put, it appears that Intuit Canada doesn’t consider their proficiency with multiplication a top priority.  7% or  $0.07, what’s the difference? As one of my friends said ” See if they offer mortgages – deal of the century!”

This is one of 3 refunds they sent me ( waiting on 2 more). They double and triple charged me on 2 entirely different subscriptions. So if you have a subscription to Quickbooks online, I would double check that credit card statement.

Seriously, I would expect more from a company selling accounting software… or maybe my expectations are too high.


So for the last 3 days, I have been going through boxes, a lot a lot of boxes…very dusty boxes.
Also, I’ve had to deal with that===>>

That’s everything from Vancouver, including a mattress and box-spring.
It’s been difficult, as there is already no room in the house… I mean we have to much stuff. Which is why I’m going through all the boxes. Everything goes in a couple weeks after the garage sale. 

I somehow managed to finish the breaker electrical connections for the basement. But then I realized that the utility room didn’t actually have any lights in it. So… ya… I had to take down all the insulation and fix some up.
 It’s interesting to note that the upper panel once powered the entire house. But the basement now requires so much power and circuits that we had to get a secondary subpanel.
Those circuits there are only powering the basement.

You can check more updates on the basement and construction @: of which, I figured out how to get ads on it, as well as hooking it up to google analytic. Not that that blog needs either, but I was just testing it out for the future, for ‘malcolm’s basement’ =
Newly created, but don’t expect to see to much on it till the basement is at least partially operational.