So over the last 2 days, we have possibly made dandelion wine. Only time will tell.

Day 1

We picked the dandelions. In total, we picked 2Kg of dandelion heads, with bit of the stems. Nothing like 4 men picking dandelions in the park.

I would like to warn anyone who want to attempt this, the smell will not leave your hand for 2 day.

Day 2

After storing them in the fridge over night, it was time to remove the stems … sorta. It took around 1:30 to get around 3 1/2 liters ( non-compact) of dandelion heads with most but certainly not all, the green removed. We ended up only using around 2/3 of the amount we picked, the rest got frozen.

The Recipe?

After going through around 20 recipes, we decided to make our own. What we did is as follows:
Ingredients for 5 gallons

  •  3 1/2 liters of dandelions heads/petals.
  •  4 sliced oranges
  •  1kg of raisins (cut up)
  •  1/8 cup cut ginger root
  • 5 table spoons citric acid
  • 28 cups of sugar ( about 5kg)
  • 5 campden tablets 
  • 1 pack yeast -Lavin EC-118 ( sparkling wine)
  • 2 spoons of yeast energizer.
  • enough water to make it to around 5 gallons 

After properly sanitizing the 10 gallon primary, we mixed all the ingredients together Except the Yeast.  We dissolved the sugar in hot water first. The yeast will go in 24 hours later. This is because the campden  tablets are used to kill all unwanted yeast and bacteria that would interfere with the brewing process, if we were to add the yeast right away, it would die.